About Kenny Agosto...


Kenneth G. “Kenny” Agosto was born in the late Fordham Hospital in the Belmont section of The Bronx to two proud Afro-Latino parents.  Kenny was raised in Bronx public housing and educated in Bronx public schools. He went on to attend St. Thomas University in Miami, Florida, where he served as the first Puerto Rican elected student government president. Kenny earned his B.A. in political science. He returned to The Bronx to work with people with disabilities. He worked several years in the mental health field. Kenny became a community organizer for people with disabilities, seniors, veterans, LGBTQIA+ GNC, and survivors of abuse.


In 1994, Kenny first got involved in his community through the Bronx Young Democrats volunteering with Xmas in April. In 2000, Kenny was appointed the youngest vice-chair of the Bronx Democratic Party. He served on Community Board 11, 49th Precinct Community Council, as well as serving on several nonprofit boards including HighBridge Advisory Council, Claremont Neighborhood Centers & Stonewall/504 Democratic Clubs of NYC. Kenny also served as chairperson of the board of We Stay/ Nos Quedamos, an organization dedicated to building and preserving affordable & environmentally green housing in The Bronx.

In 2003, Kenny first started his government service in the NYS Assembly, then in the NYS Senate. Kenny served twice as a special assistant and twice as chief of staff in the New York State Legislature. He also served as executive director of the NYS Senate Puerto Rican/Hispanic Task Force. 


In 2006, Kenny was elected Democratic district leader of the 80th Assembly District, becoming the first openly gay elected official in The Bronx. He co-founded the Liberty Democratic Association. In 2014, Kenny was elected State Committeeman where he served as a member of the New York Democratic State Committee’s Progressive Caucus, chairing the first Criminal Justice Reform Committee fighting against mass incarceration and police brutality.

Currently, Kenny proudly serves as Deputy Chief of Staff to NYS Senator Jamaal T. Bailey. Kenny also serves as co-founder of The Bronx Park East Community Association, a group dedicated to beautifying our neighborhoods while curbing gun violence on our streets. In addition, Kenny has once again returned to the streets to march for police reforms & public safety in the wake of the Black Lives Matter & Trans Lives Matter movements. He is a graduate of the NYPD Civilian Police Academy. Kenny currently lives with his family in the Bronx Park East/ Allerton section.


Empowering the People of the Bronx.

We support and thrive for a 15th city council district wherein anyone can feel welcome to be fully themselves. By doing so, we push for a district that one can feel comfortable expressing themselves at all forms of government by pushing to eliminate any artificial barriers between government and the average person.