Although COVID hospitalizations and deaths have been dropping within the last two couple of months, many people in the 15th district have suffered as a result of huge disparities in health care. Many have not been able to get vaccinated. My primary focus is to: 


  • Do everything in my power as a community activist and candidate to provide full constituent services. 

  • Provide up to date information to disseminate to the community. 

  • Implement my plan in the 15th district to create a vaccine point-to-point delivery system for seniors, people with disabilities, and all constituents with high co-morbidities who cannot independently leave their homes to get vaccinated. 

  • Once elected, I will be primarily targeting constituents 

    • Senior buildings,

    • NYCHA developments, 

    • Mitchell-Lamas, 

    • Large cooperatives, 

    • Neighborhood clinics. 


I fully intend to partner with city, state, and federal colleagues and agencies as well as community based organizations/non-governmental organizations to put a vaccine in the arms of every constituent who cannot go out to get one. Ideally, I would like to see this fully implemented within the first 100 days of assuming office.